What personal information do I obtain?
I require only a minimum of personal information from clients. Typically this consists of names and essential contact information including e-mail addresses, phone numbers and, if necessary, an address to post items such as finished images to.
Personal data obtained from enquiries that do not lead to bookings consists only of what is provided by the enquirer. Typically this will be a name and e-mail address or phone number. This information is not transferred to any database or list or otherwise acted upon and no further information is sought.
How is personal information stored?
Personal information typically remains in electronic form, protected by password or passcode, at all times. Any papers containing personal information printed for short-term reference are discarded of securely immediately after use.
Clients can view all the personal information I hold about them at any time. If any of that information is incorrect then clients can request it be corrected. If they wish, clients can also request that all information held about them be deleted.
What do I use personal information for?
Personal information provided by clients is used solely so that I can keep in touch once commissioned and until that commission is completed with the delivery of finished images and any other products.
Any and all messages to clients are limited strictly to matters pertaining to the work for which I have been hired and cease once that work has been completed. I do not send out newsletters or anything of that nature, nor do I add contact information to any databases or mailing lists.
What assumptions do I make?
In the case of weddings and other events for which I have been commissioned, I carry out my work under the assumption that guests expect and consent to an official photographer being present, and that guests recognise my legitimate interests in subsequently using the images I create to promote my work (assuming consent to do so has been granted by the client for the event in question). I ask clients to ensure that guests at their events know that I will be present as official photographer and to communicate to their guests that they should make themselves known to me on the day if they would not like to be photographed.
How do I store the images I take?
Images shot on commissions are stored on hard drives behind securely locked doors at all times save for occasions when a drive must be moved between locations—to ensure an up-to-date off-site backup, for instance.
Some image files are additionally stored online using Google Drive. This typically includes only those files delivered to or ready for delivery to clients.
What do I use images for?
Beyond providing images to clients according to the terms of contracts with them, images are used solely for the promotion of David Cliff Photography in line with consent obtained from clients.
Such promotional uses include the posting of images to this website and may also include the use of images in printed portfolios, submission of images to industry competitions, submission of images to industry publications, and the posting of images to David Cliff Photography social media accounts.