Hi there, I’m David. I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in London in the UK. I came to wedding photography from photojournalism, and it’s the style and philosophy of photojournalism I look to bring to the weddings I shoot: wedding photojournalism, if you like. Basically that means I don’t stage scenes or direct what goes on but instead photograph the day as it is, letting moments and events unfold in their own way. 
Scroll down for more thoughts on my wedding photography style, and where it comes from. I hope you like what you see around my site. If you do and you think my natural, relaxed style might be for you, or you'd like to know more, then get in touch—it’d be great to hear from you.

It was my interest in the news and events of our lives and times that drew me to photography—to photojournalism, at the outset. I wanted to see for myself what I could of the world, of history, and through my photographs let others see, in the great tradition of photojournalists down the years.
I’ve since seen my images featured by publications and organisations including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the London Evening Standard, The Economist, Time, the BBC, CNN, Vice, Vanity Fair, the New Republic and the Huffington Post, distributed worldwide by agencies including Getty Images and AFP. Working as a photojournalist still fills a lot of my time, and so naturally it’s the documentary approach that underpins my style of wedding photography, both in terms of how I work and the photos I look to make. 

So what does documentary wedding photography mean to me?
To me it’s photography focused on capturing a wedding day in its authenticity and naturalness, being able to anticipate a moment and experienced enough to react without a pause to capture a fleeting scene. It’s photography as storytelling, not as staging. It’s a keen-eyed, unobtrusive-yet-intimate approach to wedding photography that doesn’t crowd out the real emotions and interactions of the day.
I want you to not really know I’m there, then later be amazed at what I saw. To my mind it’s the most natural fit for a celebration like a wedding—the truest way you can relive the day again and again and keep the memories fresh in the months and years afterward.
I’m proud to say my wedding photography is industry-recognised as well, winning multiple awards of the global Wedding Photojournalist Association, who’ve ranked me in their London Top 10.